“I’m Falling Apart!” is an eclectic cabaret show with a sarcastic take on getting old, and finding the mirth in mortality. Through comedy and music, my musical director George Ruth and I have created a show that will resonate with anybody who has ever felt like they were breaking down or going crazy.

catch us at the Geery Theater in Sacramento (2130 L St.) November 2nd and 3rd!

more details soon!

contact for booking info

The show includes twelve complete songs, ranging from the 1950s to the 2000s, and snippets and earworms from more tunes that will stick in your head for days! Plus, there are at least 185 laughs in the show (we counted) ! It’s a show about making choices and taking chances, and about how music just might be the best therapy.

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Updated and Revised Versions Now Available!

Hey gang!

I have finished the new versions of both of my books. Just click on one of the cover images below to grab a copy! Check back here for the audiobook versions, available soon . . .





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Upon Further Review

I’ll always remember the first review I ever got for a stand-up comedy show. Sometime in the late eighties, when I had just started to land paying gigs, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune  reviewed a show that featured me and several other ‘up and coming’ comics. The reviewer, apparently having exhausted all of the show business metaphors then in use, and at a loss for a way to describe my act in comedy terms, instead went for a more visceral approach, describing my part of the show as being like:

…taking a cold bath with someone you dislike.

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Blame It On Rio

Once every four years, we watch over-the-top displays of jingoism, flag-waving, and fear. For two weeks, we get beginning-to-end coverage of celebrities, big crowds and boisterous cheering, with accusations of corruption and cheating thrown into the mix. It’s a special time when the average American sits up and takes notice of things he only cares about once every four years.

I intended to use the paragraph above for a piece about the political conventions, but then I got lazy, then I got distracted, and, well, the conventions were over and I never wrote the piece. The cool thing is, I can use the same paragraph for this piece, about the Olympics. Continue reading

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