Mister Comedy on YouTube

Hey, kids! I forgot I have a YouTube channel! Check it out by clicking here!

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I’m starting a new series of videos there, telling stories about my life on the road. See, I decided, after more than a decade away from standup comedy, to get back in the game . . . about a month before the entire world shut down. So, yeah, for  a comedian, my timing isn’t always great.
Now, you might not have heard of me, despite the fact that I have told my jokes in twenty-two states (and gotten laughs in twenty-one of them–I’m still not sure what happened in Nebraska). All totalled, I have performed in front of tens of thousands of people–sure, it was usually only thirty or forty at a time, but still. . . 
Anyway, all of the stories I post on my YouTube channel actually happened, and most of them actually happened to me. So, until I can make fun of you all in person again, grab yourself a drink, and sit wherever you want. Hell, you can even heckle.

In addition to my road stories, you’ll find other bits of video, including:

  1. me, actually doing standup!
  2. me, attempting to do something on TikTok (not really my thing)
  3. me, on morning TV plugging one of my books (did I mention I’ve written books?)