My Old Tweets

TL;DR I quit Twitter and moved a bunch of my tweets here.

I used to tweet. A lot. Of couirse, this was before anybody’ (and by ‘anybody’ I mean ‘I’) realized that Twitter was a toxic cesspoool filled with misinformation and bullying–essentially, high school with blue check marks. I tweeted somewhere in the neighborhood of 1,100 tweets before billionaire (and villain in a direct-to-cable TV movie) Elon Musk put down his bong long enough to impulse buy Twitter. Continue reading

The Tidbits Formerly Known As Tweets

tidbit #8

When The Singularity actually does happen, I think our robot overlords will find it cute that we spent so much time guessing five-letter words, while sentient machines took over civilization. Like when a pet does a clever trick . . .

“Sure, we computers can navigate interplanetary spacecraft, but you figured out the word ‘tipsy!’ Yes you did! And it only took you four tries? Good job, human!”

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Cheering for a Cheater

Ah, Spring! Robins sharing their songs, flowers beginning to bloom, and, here in Minnesota, temperatures just slightly above freezing. And the sounds of baseball–the crack of the bat! The thwack of a fastball hitting the catcher’s mitt! The back and forth of contentious labor negotiations!

Spring has meant baseball for most of my adult life. I recently read that the average age of a baseball fan now is 57 years old. Let’s just say I’m older than that, but I get why baseball doesn’t appeal to kids. It’s not fast enough for a generation raised on 15-second Tik Tok videos. To be fair, there is a lot of downtime in baseball. Continue reading