Back to Minnesota

I relocated from California to Minnesota in the second week of January, which ranks amongst the most misguided moves in human history, right up there with the Donner party deciding to go from Missouri to California in 1846 and the NBA’s New Orleans Jazz moving to Utah in 1979. Continue reading


Really SMALL News!

As part of my never-ending search for news items that don’t relate to the pandemic, there’s this, from CTV (which is Canada’s version of CNN, but less scary)–

“Danish Mayfly named 2021 “Insect of the Year” by an international group of entomologists and others.”

So many questions:

  • What makes a mayfly ‘Danish?’ An unusual attraction to pastry? Have entomologists noticed a disturbing trend toward right-wing rhetoric in these particular mayflies?
  • Are murder hornets upset, thinking THEY should have been named ‘Insects of the Year?’
  • Is this a new award, or did the mainstream media just not cover “Insect of the Year” in previous years?
  • Who are the winners from previous years, and why haven’t we heard from them?
  • There’s an “international group of entomologists?”
  • Where do these entomologists meet? Is this like the Golden Globes, but with a bunch of drunk bug scientists?
  • And who are these ‘others,’ just crashing the big ‘Insect of the Year’ gala event?