(note–this rant previously was posted on Facebook, but it bears repeating. Besides, I don’t write new material all that often, so…)

Look, I believe I am more progressive than most people, and I’m not above virtue signaling, even when nobody might notice (side note – – when did it become a bad thing to ‘signal’ that you have virtue?).

Hell, I even changed the voice on my Google home assistant to one of the male options, because I didn’t like the idea of telling a ‘woman’ what song to play.
Someone posted a picture of Olivia Newton-John (WHOM I ADORED) on my feed, and some random dude felt they needed to comment that “as far as I’m concerned, she represented a major turn away from feminism.”

First of all, stop it. Secondly, stop it. Olivia made a lot of people happy in a world where not a lot of people are…happy. Let her rest in peace, and maybe fight battles that matter.


My Old Tweets

TL;DR I quit Twitter and moved a bunch of my tweets here.

I used to tweet. A lot. Of couirse, this was before anybody’ (and by ‘anybody’ I mean ‘I’) realized that Twitter was a toxic cesspoool filled with misinformation and bullying–essentially, high school with blue check marks. I tweeted somewhere in the neighborhood of 1,100 tweets before billionaire (and villain in a direct-to-cable TV movie) Elon Musk put down his bong long enough to impulse buy Twitter. Continue reading